Stay Organized Anywhere

Keeping track of tasks and schedules while managing clients, cases, and documents can be challenging. AllOrg delivers the features, integrations, and mobile capabilities you need to run a successful, well-organized firm.

  • Organize all clients, matters, and emails securely
  • Create, prioritize, and manage tasks with ease
  • Connect Salesforce and email for greater flexibility
  • Use AllOrg in the office, on the go, and even offline

Work More Effectively

Waste less time managing your firm and create more opportunities for billable hours.
Organizing emails, assigning tasks, scheduling meetings, and invoicing clients adds up to a lot of work – and cuts into billable time. AllOrg helps take care of these items and more, enabling you to work more effectively and become more profitable.

  • Automatically send emails and attachments to the right folders
  • Assign tasks and send reminders to staff
  • Get automatic alerts on milestones and due dates
  • Accurately track the time you spend on client matters
  • Generate and send detailed, personalized invoices

Keep Your Clients Happy

AllOrg helps you focus on your expertise and clients instead of day-to-day administration.
It’s easy to get caught up in the administrative tasks that keep a firm running smoothly. But with AllOrg helping you manage your daily workload, you’ll have more time, attention, and energy to give to your clients – and your legal practice.

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