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Term Description
Main User Account The user who signed up for AllOrg and is responsible to initially set up AllOrg and invite new users. This user has complete access to AllOrg settings and can manage storage space, users access and permissions.
Invited User AccountThese users are invited to the AllOrg system by the Main user who first created the AllOrg account.
External usersExternal users can login to AllOrg when AllOrg users give them temporary access to selected AllOrg Folders.
Folder TemplateFolder Templates are presets with useful common information about the Folders. The Folder Template define the set of fields that will show in the Folder Cover. This is fully searchable to help you find your desired Folder along with the Folder Content (files and emails). Folder Templates also allow you to set Content Categories to better organize all files and emails in the Folder Content.
Folder An AllOrg Folder has information in the Cover, based on the Folder Template it was created with. It has Contents in the form of any kind of Files and Emails, and also a Folder has Tasks and Billing information. Every Folder in AllOrg has specific Settings to control access and notifications to the Main, Invited and External users.
Content CategoriesContent categories are groups created in the Folder Template to better organize the Folder Content (files and emails).
Folder NameAllOrg uses the Folder Name as the unique identifier. This way, each Folder has its own email address composed by the <<Folder Name>> By sending an email to this address, the email is inserted into the desired Folder as any other kind of File and it is automatically indexed along with other files and emails in the Folder Content.
Folder "Allowed access List" A List of External Users email addresses that are allowed to send emails to AllOrg Folders. For security purposes, AllOrg only accepts emails from External users who belong to this list kept in the AllOrg settings.
Make Folder PrivateAllOrg Folders are available to all AllOrg users by default. They can be set to Private (only the creator can access) and access permissions can be given only to the desired AllOrg users.
Share the FolderAllOrg Folders can be shared to External Users by creating a temporary access based on a defined time-period and access level.
Content Folder Contents are electronic files, emails, attachments or any kind of documents.
Yahoo Inbox Once you go to the AllOrg Settings, in the "Yahoo Integration section", and setup your Yahoo email account, you can open your existing Yahoo mailbox inside the AllOrg system and send the e-mails directly to the desired AllOrg Folder without losing the original email information. You can also use the AllOrg Yahoo Inbox as your regular email tool if you wish, the same way you do with your regular Yahoo email system.
Pending Actions It is a pre-built temporary Folder assigned to every AllOrg user. It will keep emails in which the desired destination Folders were not identified by the AllOrg system and the emails sent to
Search AllOrg allows you find your files, emails and attachments with ease. Our Search system uses both Folder Template information and indexed Content to help you find what you need quickly.
Seat During the trial period, the Main User is given a number of seats that can be used to invite new users. Once the trial period expires, the Main user has to purchase the necessary seats by visiting AllOrg Settings to continue using the system.
Storage The Storage Space in AllOrg is shared among all users. The Main user can purchase more storage space at any time by visiting AllOrg settings
TaskA Task in AllOrg is an activity to be completed by a due date. All AllOrg Tasks can be related to multiple Folders or Folder Contents
Associate TaskTask Owners can Associate other AllOrg users to Tasks they have created.
Complete TaskEvery Associated Task user is responsible to Complete his portion of the work for the task.
End TaskTask Owners should End the Task when it has been successfully performed and Completed by all Assign users to this Task.
Transfer TaskTask Owners can transfer the ownership and control of a task to another user
Task Created ByTask Owner/Created by is responsible to keep track of the Assign Users work and to End or Transfer the Task.
Task Assign UserAssign Users are responsible to Complete the assigned portion of the Task.
NotificationsNotifications are electronic reminders and warnings that are occassionally sent by AllOrg either though emails or screen displays. You can control what notifications to receice by visiting AllOrg settings.