Join an Innovation Leader

AllOrg is a fully customizable, patented platform that not only helps grow your business, but can help you earn financial rewards as we expand into more key business areas! Our future target industries include: Legal, Academic, Financial, Insurance, Medical, Real Estate.

To get started, simply create a custom folder using the AllOrg platform. We will distribute 10% of net profits to those who create custom Folders our clients use most. You have the option to create private or public folders belonging to AllOrg under these terms and will receive credit for their creation. You can contribute by using the online public Folder Templates or by drawing your idea on paper and submitting it to us directly. As a first contribution, we have received a (ASSETS AND FAMILY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM) that looks great and could be used by any household.

Please try it out and send us your thoughts or contact us for more information.

What makes AllOrg different and better?

It handles unlimited growth!
Unlike Google Drive, Dropbox and other limited solutions, you will never again have to wonder where is your information. With our easy search you can have as many folders, files and emails as you wish
AllOrg offers an easy and quick setup and a fully cloud experience with no local servers and software installations required and with no need to hire expensive IT professional help.
We not only store the information but also provide an intelligent easier way to organize and find anything, anytime, anywhere without the need to buy solutions from multiple vendors.
Each Folder in AllOrg has its own email address. By sending an email to this Folder, the email is automatically saved in the Folder -- including the attachments -- and become fully searchable.