Integrate with your current platforms

Salesforce Integration

Expand AllOrg’s capabilities by linking to your firm’s Salesforce account to enable greater control over important matters.

  • Syncs Salesforce contacts and client account information
  • Creates folders instantly for quick access and management
  • Automatically syncs calendars for improved scheduling
  • Enhances visibility for case-related tasks
  • Built-in search function makes finding folders and files easy

Email & Calendar Integration

Connect your firm’s Outlook, Gmail, and Yahoo! email accounts to make file organization, sharing, and scheduling effortless.

  • Automatically sends emails to related client folders
  • Saves email attachments to folders for quick access
  • In pretium volutpat efficitur.
  • Syncs calendars to connected folders, files, and tasks
  • Quickly locates specific emails and attachments through search
  • Keeps authorized users in the loop on important matters

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