Folder, Files and e-mails Management

Save time creating and managing files and folders while keeping your team informed. Each folder becomes an e-mail address so you can receive and send contents using you regular e-mail

Folder Templates

Simplify Everyday Tasks
Pre-built and customizable folder templates help keep your business and family affairs organized and efficient.
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Optimize Your Workload
Create folders using our collection of ready-to-use templates, or easily build your own customized folder templates.


Find Folders, Files and e-mails Instantly
Locate your folders and files quickly by name or keyword using our advanced and intuitive search bar.

Email lntegration

Stay Connected Everywhere
Connect your email accounts to create tasks and events, manage files, send invoices, and get notifications seamlessly.

Accounts & Sharing

Manage Your Account Securely
Share folders, assign tasks, and add new users at the touch of a button. You can also use privacy settings to limit file access.

Business Management

Create and assign tasks, track important files, and send invoices to customers securely and efficiently. And why not also manage your family affairs?


Improve How You Work
With Salesforce, email, and calendar integrations, AllOrg turns time-wasting tasks into productive work.
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Get Organized
Easily create, edit, prioritize, assign, and complete tasks from your personalized dashboard. You can also transfer or export tasks to other users or

Billing & Invoice

Bill Clients with Confidence
Create and send custom invoices featuring your company logo. AllOrg can apply federal and state taxes automatically.


Personalize Your Protection
Use AllOrg’s unique security features to protect your business files and folders, set user password requirements, and create whitelist privileges.

Time Tracker

Ensure Billing Accuracy
For service-oriented businesses, AllOrg includes a time tracking feature that records billable hours to ensure precise, detailed invoices.

What makes AllOrg different and better?

It handles unlimited growth!
AllOrg offers an easy and quick setup and a fully cloud experience with no local servers and software installations required and with no need to hire expensive IT professional help.
Unlike Google Drive, Dropbox and other limited solutions, you will never again have to wonder where is your information. With our easy search you can have as many folders, files and emails as you wish
We not only store the information but also provide an intelligent easier way to organize and find anything, anytime, anywhere without the need to buy solutions from multiple vendors.

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