Mission Statement

Wavelip exists to help you save time and manage your practice and data. We want you to be able to organize and find anything, anytime, anywhere.

Our Story – AllOrg Goes All-In-One

We understand the frustration of spending long hours combing through folders to locate a single document. We’ve experienced the challenges of being out of the office when a client calls with a time-sensitive request for file information or modification.
After searching for practice management and document management software that made our jobs and lives easier, we came up empty handed. So we set out to develop our own an all-in-one firm management solution. We needed a mobile solution, accessible anywhere that could handle simultaneously all kinds of files and e-mails. Most importantly, a workflow solution to avoid the cost of infrastructure. We created AllOrg to solve our challenges to store our digital content anytime, anywhere.

AllOrg was originally created to make managing our own firm more streamlined and successful. But as our colleagues across the industry took notice, we knew every firm could benefit from its features, templates, and customizations.

After undergoing numerous iterations and extensive testing, the AllOrg platform launched in 2019. Leveraging cloud-based technologies and user-friendly mobile capabilities, AllOrg serves as a comprehensive and collaborative platform designed to help firms manage caseloads, track billable hours, invoice clients, and create and complete tasks efficiently to enhance client service and become more profitable.

And to ensure the AllOrg platform continues to solve challenges for firms everywhere, we’ll continue to roll out more innovations, features, and integrations well into the future.

Social Responsibility

Wavelip believes in social responsibility. We believe that its never too soon to make a contribution for a better world. In collaboration with organizations who share the same vision for change, for every AllOrg subscription, Wavelip will donate to help projects reducing water pollution and protecting the ocean ecosystem. Waves for change is one of the organizations that Wavelip will be proud to help.